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Zero-knowledge proofs and the future of digital privacy

Zero-knowledge proofs are hard to grasp on a mathematical level, but the implications are clear: shield identity and user protection. For many, the crypto part of cryptocurrencies implies privacy or at least a layer of identity protection. And on some levels, that’s what cryptocurrencies do: They allow users to interact in secure and trustless environments […]

Crypto: The namesake

Cryptoasset, digital gold, peer-to-peer cash, virtual currency, etc., etc. What’s in a name? It turns out that what things are called is important, especially when people are coming to a new technology or a new way of doing something. I think the naming of new technologies is way more significant than we realize. A name, […]

When Robinhood meets crypto

Robinhood, a company known for its investment app, announced yesterday that it is opening access to cryptocurrency trading on its Robinhood Crypto platform. The biggest part of the news is that crypto trading for now (and the company says “for the foreseeable future) will free.  

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